You will find below the projects that I have published so far. In addition to these projects, I have worked on many personal ideas, such as the creation of a desktop environment through the web browser inspired by the AaronOS project. You will only find finished, non-personal projects below.

Published Projects

Read about my previous projects below!

Ring My Deel

This website was built with the purpose of putting a brand forward, named Ring My Deel, and the many voyages of Nalotuesha, who manages the brand.

This project was designed, and built entirely by myself. It implements functions to let the client manage the website themselves.

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Black Onyx Radio

This project was based on creating a website for an online radio in Switzerland.

I ended up working with another developper, who focused on the radio-side of the development, as it was my first time working in this field.

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Name: Adrien Tardy.

Web Developer In: PHP, Javascript / Jquery, SQL, HTML5, CSS3.

Status: Studying computer science in Geneva, Switzerland.

Let me first present myself. I am Adrien Tardy, a young man who has lived most of his life in Switzerland.

I am now entering the IB diploma curriculum around Geneva, Switzerland. I am studying computer sience as a HL subject. I love the field of web development due to the freedom and opportunity it presents. I love designing, and creating websites ! For that reason, I invite you to have a look at my past projects before exploring any further.

I encourage you to contact me by email if you have any further questions related to my previous works, questions, or if you are interested in starting your own website.